The Last Donut

by The Elvi

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These songs were written sometime between 2000 - 2003. Quite honestly, we don’t remember for sure (getting old will do that to you). What we do know, is that they are among our finest, and we thought it would be a shame not to record and release them for posterity's sake.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who lent us your ears. It’s been a blast.

Storm the Kitchen.
The ELVi


released May 17, 2012

Music & Lyrics by The Elvi

Recorded and Mixed by Greg Henkin

Artwork by Justin Essenpreis


all rights reserved



The Elvi Gurnee, Illinois

The ELVi are from Gurnee, Illinois.

They have been performing on and off (mostly off) since 1993.

Fear not... there may still be some sprinkles left in the box.

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Track Name: Dr. Megalo
The office lights were out; the staff had all gone home.
The CEO was calling, but you weren't picking up the phone.

Did they know that you were there? Did you volunteer for the part?
Did they know you're in the back room shredding papers in the dark?

When the shit hits the fan, all they're asking you to do...
is not necessarily lying, not necessarily the truth.

When the documents have been hauled off and the investigation's through;
does it come as a surprise the unnecessary one is you?

Captains of industry sail on ships built of conceit.
They make bullshit look good on paper, then dump the papers out at sea.

If it had worked, you'd have took the honor.
As it turns out, you'll take the fall.
They set you up, now take the fall.
Track Name: The Outhouse on Haunted Hill
...And I am scared to drop my drawers;
cause I hear knocking right outside of these stall doors.
Dear God! Who died in here?
There are two foul stenches in the air.

Who would have known about the ghost;
who haunts the head...
floating on the throne of the undead.
Leaving gifts of phantom shits; and the funk of 40,000 fucking years.

Take my advice... run for your lives; but don't forget to wipe.
Cause when the water splashes you back; it's time to DIE.
Track Name: Vote For Broseph
It's not that you couldn't have something to say.
It just looks a whole lot better; coming out of my precious mouth, stretched across my sculpted chest.

A good idea will only get you so far.
But if you're looking for a leader, how you could resist this face?
Can I count on your vote tonight?

'Hate' will always be an ugly word. But 'pissed off' never looked so good.

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